The "R" Family - Mapleton, Utah family photography

This family braved some pretty cold and windy weather for their photo session but it was totally worth it!

Is there a secret to being able to raise this many children?  Seriously!  How do people do it?  If I had this many kids, we would be lucky to show up half dressed with our teeth brushed to our family photos.  And I mean LUCKY!  I can barely get my 2 kids ready just to go outside and play in the dirt each day.

I found myself in awe of this family.  Like literally.  I was kinda speechless.  AND THEN I found out that this amazing mama made all of their outfits.  YES PEOPLE she made them ALL!!!  Once, I tried to make Turner some PJ pants and they ended up small enough to fit our 9 lb miniature wiener dog.  How that happened I will never know.  :)

On a serious note, this mom is expecting her 7th baby very soon.  She was diagnosed with a very serious pregnancy condition called placenta accreta and I know she is in the prayers of many many people including myself.  I found it only fitting to spend one-on-one shooting time with mom and each of her babies.  Any mom who is successfully raising almost 7 kids deserves the world!

Lot's of love to this family!  It was a pleasure spending a little time getting to know you.  :) :)


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