Dearest Parker, You are going to send mommy to the looney bin sooner than she ever thought.

This little toddler thought it would be helpful to "weed" mommy and daddy's planter today.  Thank you Parker for such an amazing ability to tear those "weeds" to shreds and show them who's boss.

I wonder if the greenhouse's guarantee on perennials covers 2 year old boys? ;) ;)

Baby {A} - Salt Lake City Newborn Photography

Baby #5 has arrived for the {D} family and she is beautiful!!  I have been lucky enough to shoot this family for the last few years and they are awesome!  I want to give a shout out to dad for introducing me to the coconut almonds from Costco.  A bag of which I bought on my way home because they are AMAZING!  I'm telling you, if you love a good Almond Joy you will be obsessed over these.  Do yourself a favor and go buy some.  :)

3 year old {M} - Salt Lake City children's photography

When I arrived for my session with little {M}, he was less than thrilled with the idea of having his picture taken.  If you could have seen the theatrics going on behind the camera by his mom, you would die laughing.  A million thanks go out to the mom's and dad's who stop at nothing to get smiles out of their kids for pictures.  THANK YOU!!  :)

The "R" Family - Mapleton, Utah family photography

This family braved some pretty cold and windy weather for their photo session but it was totally worth it!

Is there a secret to being able to raise this many children?  Seriously!  How do people do it?  If I had this many kids, we would be lucky to show up half dressed with our teeth brushed to our family photos.  And I mean LUCKY!  I can barely get my 2 kids ready just to go outside and play in the dirt each day.

I found myself in awe of this family.  Like literally.  I was kinda speechless.  AND THEN I found out that this amazing mama made all of their outfits.  YES PEOPLE she made them ALL!!!  Once, I tried to make Turner some PJ pants and they ended up small enough to fit our 9 lb miniature wiener dog.  How that happened I will never know.  :)

On a serious note, this mom is expecting her 7th baby very soon.  She was diagnosed with a very serious pregnancy condition called placenta accreta and I know she is in the prayers of many many people including myself.  I found it only fitting to spend one-on-one shooting time with mom and each of her babies.  Any mom who is successfully raising almost 7 kids deserves the world!

Lot's of love to this family!  It was a pleasure spending a little time getting to know you.  :) :)