Red heads and footed jammies

I was peacefully sleeping this morning in my bed.  It was WAY too early for anyone to be awake and yet through my dazed sleepiness I heard the clouded sounds of children screaming at each other.

As my ears grew increasingly alert to the sounds they were hearing, I realize that it was indeed my children fighting over heaven knows what in the living room.  

My mind was a bit clearer now as I opened my eyes and I realized that unless I moved fast I too would be yelling in less that 5 minutes time and (trust me) NO ONE wants that.  

Before I made my move I heard a faint and undistinguishable sound that caused me to freeze in my cozy bed .  “What’s happening now?”.  I asked myself.  Wait….listen….wait….listen….wait........ listen………. 


In a frenzied 1 second WHIP, those covers were sailing across the room and I was running for the bathroom in what could only be described as a scene from the Walking Dead (you know - where Rick and gang are almost being eaten by zombies and they’re running for their lives?). 

Breathing heavily, I slammed the door behind me, twisted the lock, flipped on the fan, turned on the shower, and scurried on all fours (Yes. You read that right.) to the corner of my closet where I hid behind every layer of hanging clothes I own.  Just in time to hear BOOM BOOM BOOM and then a very muffled voice yelling in what was certain to be the infamous tattle of my red headed 2 year old.  I giggled in some sort of “mommy’s-gone-crazy” way knowing the pure angst his unheard tattle would cause and I enjoyed every second of it.  

My actions, judged by some, would be considered harsh for a sweet 2 year old but I’ll tell you what - the temper of a footed jammie wearing red head at 6:30 AM is nothing to mess with.